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Fujita Junso

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  • 2015.04.01 - 2018.03.31, Division of Applied Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, Doctoral Program Student

  • 2020.01.01 - , Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Specially Appointed Researcher


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  • Structure-Guided Design of a Fluorescent Probe for the Visualization of FtsZ in Clinically Important Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative Bacterial Pathogens., Ferrer-González E, Fujita J, Yoshizawa T, Nelson JM, Pilch AJ, Hillman E, Ozawa M, Kuroda N, Al-Tameemi HM, Boyd JM, LaVoie EJ, Matsumura H, Pilch DS, Scientific reports,9(1) 20092, 2019.12, Papers

  • The C-terminal flexible region of branched-chain polyamine synthase facilitates substrate specificity and catalysis., Hidese R, Toyoda M, Yoshino KI, Fukuda W, Wihardja GA, Kimura S, Fujita J, Niitsu M, Oshima T, Imanaka T, Mizohata E, Fujiwara S, The FEBS journal,286(19) 3926-3940, 2019.10, Papers

  • Active site geometry of a novel aminopropyltransferase for biosynthesis of hyperthermophile-specific branched-chain polyamine., Hidese R, Tse KM, Kimura S, Mizohata E, Fujita J, Horai Y, Umezawa N, Higuchi T, Niitsu M, Oshima T, Imanaka T, Inoue T, Fujiwara S, The FEBS journal,284(21) 3684-3701, 2017.11, Papers

  • Structural Flexibility of an Inhibitor Overcomes Drug Resistance Mutations in Staphylococcus aureus FtsZ., Fujita J, Maeda Y, Mizohata E, Inoue T, Kaul M, Parhi AK, LaVoie EJ, Pilch DS, Matsumura H, ACS chemical biology,12(7) 1947-1955, 2017.07, Papers

  • Identification of the key interactions in structural transition pathway of FtsZ from Staphylococcus aureus., Fujita J, Harada R, Maeda Y, Saito Y, Mizohata E, Inoue T, Shigeta Y, Matsumura H, Journal of structural biology,198(2) 65-73, 2017.05, Papers

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