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TAHARA Shinichiro



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  • 2013.04.01 - 2017.03.31, Division of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, Doctoral Program Student

  • 2017.04.01 - , Division of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, Assistant Professor

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Kobe University Faculty of Medicine  Graduated 2009.03
Osaka University Graduate School, Division of Medical Sciences  Completed 2017.03

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  • Serum deprivation-response protein regulates aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 through integrin-linked kinase signaling in endometrioid carcinoma cells., Tahara S, Nojima S, Ohshima K, Hori Y, Kurashige M, Wada N, Motoyama Y, Okuzaki D, Ikeda JI, Morii E, Cancer science,110(5) 1804-1813, 2019.05, Other

  • Effect of glutamine on lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma, especially on the viewpoint of the differentiation into vulnerable subpopulation., Wada N, Nojima S, Tahara SI, Ohshima K, Kurashige M, Kawasaki K, Tone M, Kusumoto S, Ikeda JI, Morii E., Pathol Res Pract.,214(10):1667-1674., 2018.10, Papers

  • Origin of cancer-associated fibroblasts and tumor-associated macrophages in humans after sex-mismatched bone marrow transplantation., Kurashige M, Kohara M, Ohshima K, Tahara S, Hori Y, Nojima S, Wada N, Ikeda JI, Miyamura K, Ito M, Morii E., Commun Biol.,3;1:131, 2018.09, Papers

  • Adenylosuccinate lyase enhances aggressiveness of endometrial cancer by increasing killer cell lectin-like receptor C3 expression by fumarate., Park H, Ohshima K, Nojima S, Tahara S, Kurashige M, Hori Y, Okuzaki D, Wada N, Ikeda JI, Morii E., Lab Invest.,98(4):449-461, 2018.04, Papers

  • Usefulness of cytological analysis in the diagnosis of pancreatic undifferentiated rhabdoid carcinoma., Tahara S, Takeyari M, Morii E, Pathol Int,68(1):56-58, 2018.01, Papers

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