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IKI Taichiro


Stem cell, Stem cell niche, microRNA, RNA silencing, piRNA

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  • 2016.02.01 - , Department of Frontier Biosciences, Graduate School of Frontier Biosciences, Assistant Professor


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  • A complex of Arabidopsis DRB proteins can impair dsRNA processing, Tschopp Marie-Aude, Iki Taichiro, Brosnan A Christopher, Jullien E Pauline, and Pumplin Nathan, RNA, 2017.02, Papers

  • Biochemical and genetic functional dissection of the P38 viral suppressor of RNA silencing, Iki Taichiro, Tschopp Marie-Aude, Voinnet Olivier, RNA, 2017.02, Papers

  • Messages on small RNA duplexes in plants, Iki Taichiro, Journal of Plant Research, 2017.01, Review Papers

  • A role of a short open reading frame encompassing the microRNA173 target site of the TAS2 transcript in trans-acting small interfering RNA biogenesis, Yoshikawa Manabu, Iki Taichiro, Numa Hisataka Miyashita Kyoko, Meshi Tetsuo, Ishikawa Masayuki, Plant Physiology, 2016.03, Papers

  • 3’ fragment of miR173-programmed RISC-cleaved RNA is protected from degradation in a complex with RISC and SGS3, Yoshikawa Manabu, Iki Taichiro, Tsutsui Yasuhiro, Miyashita Kyoko, Poethig Scott, Habu Yoshiki, Ishikawa Masayuki, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2013.03, Papers

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