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Takemoto Norihiko

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  • 2015.10.01 - , Graduate School of Medicine, Assistant Professor


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  • Development and validation of a new comorbidity index for patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma in Japan., Takenaka Y, Takemoto N, Oya R, Ashida N, Kitamura T, Shimizu K, Takemura K, Michiba T, Hanamoto A, Suzuki M, Yamamoto Y, Uno A, Inohara H., Scientific Reports,4;7(1):7297, 2017.08, Papers

  • Effects of Covering Surgical Wounds with Polyglycolic Acid Sheets for Posttonsillectomy Pain., Miyaguchi SI, Horii A, Kambara R, Takemoto N, Akazawa H, Takahashi N, Baba H, Inohara H., Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg.,155(5):876-878, 2016.11, Papers

  • Transaminase Activity Predicts Survival in Patients with Head and Neck Cancer., Takenaka Y, Takemoto N, Yasui T, Yamamoto Y, Uno A, Miyabe H, Ashida N, Shimizu K, Nakahara S, Hanamoto A, Fukusumi T, Michiba T, Cho H, Yamamoto M, Inohara H., PLoS One.,11(10):e0164057, 2016.10, Papers