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Yamamoto Ryousuke

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  • 2015.09.16 - , Department of Biological Sciences, Graduate School of Science, Assistant Professor


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  • The IDA3 adapter, required for intraflagellar transport of I1 dynein, is regulated by ciliary length., Hunter EL, Lechtreck K, Fu G, Hwang J, Lin H, Gokhale A, Alford LM, Lewis B, Yamamoto R, Kamiya R, Yang F, Nicastro D, Dutcher SK, Wirschell M, Sale WS, Molecular biology of the cell,29(8) 886-896, 2018.04, Papers

  • Chlamydomonas DYX1C1/PF23 is essential for axonemal assembly and proper morphology of inner dynein arms., Yamamoto R, Obbineni JM, Alford LM, Ide T, Owa M, Hwang J, Kon T, Inaba K, James N, King SM, Ishikawa T, Sale WS, Dutcher SK, PLoS genetics,13(9) e1006996, 2017.09, Papers

  • Chlamydomonas DYX1C1/PF23 is essential for axonemal assembly and propermorphology of inner dynein arms, Yamamoto, R., Obbineni, J.M., Alford, L.M., Ide, T., Owa, M., Hwang, J., Kon, T., Inaba, K., James, N., King, S.M., Ishikawa, T., Sale, W.S., Dutcher, S.K., PLoS Genet.,13(10) e1007063, 2017.09, Papers

  • A simple and fast approach for missing-wedge invariant classification of subtomograms extracted from filamentous structures., Obbineni JM, Yamamoto R, Ishikawa T, Journal of structural biology,197(2) 145-154, 2017.02, Papers

  • The ciliary inner dynein arm, I1 dynein, is assembled in the cytoplasm and transported by IFT before axonemal docking., Viswanadha R, Hunter EL, Yamamoto R, Wirschell M, Alford LM, Dutcher SK, Sale WS, Cytoskeleton (Hoboken, N.J.),71(10) 573-86, 2014.10, Papers

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