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Ochi Masayuki

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  • 2015.09.01 - , Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, Assistant Professor


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  • Theoretical studies on thermoelectric performance of pnictogen chalcogenides, M. Ochi,ECMP2019 (at Hiroshima, Japan, Mar. 18-20, 2019, 参加者数約50名), 2019.03, International Conference(Non Proceeding)

  • A weak topological insulator state in quasi-one-dimensional bismuth iodide, R. Noguchi, M. Ochi, et al., Nature,566(7745), 518-522, 2019.02,, Papers

  • Pressure-induced insulator to metal transition of mixed valence compound Ce(O,F)SbS2$_2$, R. Matsumoto, M. Ochi, K. Kuroki, et al., Journal of Applied Physics,125(7), 075102 1-6, 2019.02,, Papers

  • Theoretical Aspects of the Study on the Thermoelectric Properties of Pnictogen-Dichalcogenide Layered Compounds, M. Ochi, H. Usui, K. Kuroki, Journal of the Physical Society of Japan,88(4), 041010 1-8, 2019.01,, Review Papers

  • Synthesis and Physical Properties of Layered Copper Oxytellurides Sr$_2TM$Cu$_2$Te$_2$O$_2$ ($TM$ = Mn, Co, Zn), D. Song, M. Ochi, K. Kuroki, et al., Journal of Materials Chemistry C,6(45), 12260-12266, 2018.10,, Papers

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