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Nagano Kazuya

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  • 2015.04.01 - , Medical Pharmacy, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor


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  • Autophagy is a new protective mechanism against the cytotoxicity of platinum nanoparticles in human trophoblasts., Nakashima A., Higashisaka K., Kusabiraki T., Aoki A., Ushijima A., Ono Y., Tsuda S., Shima T., Yoshino O., Nagano K., Yoshioka Y., Tsutsumi Y., Saito S., Scientific Reports,9(1):5478, 2019.04, Papers

  • Neutrophil depletion exacerbates pregnancy complications, including placental damage, induced by silica nanoparticles in mice., Higashisaka K., Nakashima A., Iwahara Y., Aoki A., Nakayama M., Yanagihara I., Lin Y., Nagano K., Tsunoda S., Saito S., Yoshioka Y., Tsutsumi Y., Frontiers in Immunology,9 1850, 2018.08, Papers

  • Development of a fundamental technology to seek drug targets and application for cancer targeting therapy., Nagano K., Higashisaka K., Tsunoda S., Tsutsumi Y., Yakugaku Zasshi,138(7) 903-909, 2018.07, Review Papers

  • Intracellular trafficking of particles inside endosomal vesicles is regulated by particle size., Aoyama M., Yoshioka Y., Arai Y., Hirai H., Ishimoto R., Nagano K., Higashisaka K., Nagai T., Tsutsumi Y., J. Controlled Release., 260: 183-93, 2017.08, Papers

  • Cellular internalization, transcellular transport, and cellular effects of silver nanoparticles in polarized Caco-2 cells following apical or basolateral exposure., Imai S, Morishita Y, Hata T, Kondoh M, Yagi K, Gao JQ, Nagano K, Higashisaka K, Yoshioka Y, Tsutsumi Y, 2017.03, Papers

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