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Kioka Hidetaka




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  • 2014.08.01 - 2014.12.31, Division of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, Assistant Professor

  • 2015.01.01 - 2016.04.30, Graduate School of Medicine, Assistant Professor

  • 2016.05.01 - , Division of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, Assistant Professor


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  • In vivo real-time ATP imaging in zebrafish hearts reveals G0s2 induces ischemic tolerance., Kioka H, Kato H, Fujita T, Asano Y, Shintani Y, Yamazaki S, Tsukamoto O, Imamura H, Kogo M, Kitakaze M, Sakata Y, Takashima S., FASEB journal ,34(2):2041-2054., 2020.02, Papers

  • Amide proton transfer imaging of glioblastoma, neuroblastoma, and breast cancer cells on a 11.7 T magnetic resonance imaging system., Tanoue M, Saito S, Takahashi Y, Araki R, Hashido T, Kioka H, Sakata Y, Yoshioka Y., Mag Reson Imaging,62 181-190, 2019.10, Papers

  • A molecular triage process mediated by RING finger protein 126 and BCL2-associated athanogene 6 regulates degradation of G0/G1 switch gene 2., Kamikubo K, Kato H, Kioka H, Yamazaki S, Tsukamoto O, Nishida Y, Asano Y, Imamura H, Kawahara H, Shintani Y, Takashima S., Journal of Biological Chemistry,294(40):14562-14573. , 2019.10, Papers

  • Mouse Skeletal Muscle Creatine Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (CrCEST) Imaging at 11.7 T-MRI., Takahashi Y, Saito S, Kioka H, Araki R, Asano Y, Takashima S, Sakata Y, Yoshioka Y., J Magn Reson Imaging, 2019.06, Papers

  • Mutant KCNJ3 and KCNJ5 Potassium Channels as Novel Molecular Targets in Bradyarrhythmias and Atrial Fibrillation, Noriaki Yamada,et al., Circulation,in press, 2019.02, Papers

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