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Okuyama Hiroomi

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  • 2014.07.01 - , Division of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, Professor

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  • Pediatric Surgery, Minimally invasive Surgery, Neonatal Surgery, Fetal treatment, regenerative medicine
    General surgery and pediatric surgery-related 90150 Medical


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  • Long-term outcomes of patch tracheoplasty using collagenous tissue membranes (biosheets) produced by in-body tissue architecture in a beagle model., Umeda S, Nakayama Y, Terazawa T, Iwai R, Hiwatashi S, Nakahata K, Takama Y, Okuyama H, Surgery today,49(11) 958-964, 2019.11, Papers

  • Safety and efficacy of laparoscopic percutaneous extraperitoneal closure for inguinal hernia in infants younger than 6 months: A comparison with conventional open repair., Zenitani M, Saka R, Sasaki T, Takama Y, Tani G, Tanaka N, Ueno T, Tazuke Y, Oue T, Okuyama H, Asian journal of endoscopic surgery,12(4) 439-445, 2019.10, Papers

  • Esophageal Stenosis,51(8) 827-829, 2019.08, Review Papers(In Japanese)

  • The novel immunosuppressant prenylated quinolinecarboxylic acid-18 (PQA-18) suppresses macrophage differentiation and cytotoxicity in xenotransplantation., Lo PC, Maeda A, Kodama T, Takakura C, Yoneyama T, Sakai R, Noguchi Y, Matsuura R, Eguchi H, Matsunami K, Okuyama H, Miyagawa S, Immunobiology,224(4) 575-584, 2019.07, Papers

  • Postoperative decrease in plasma acyl ghrelin levels after pediatric living donor liver transplantation in association with hepatic damage due to ischemia and reperfusion injury., Zenitani M, Hosoda H, Kodama T, Saka R, Takama Y, Ueno T, Tazuke Y, Kangawa K, Oue T, Okuyama H, Pediatric surgery international,35(6) 709-714, 2019.06, Papers

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