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Tanaka Nobukazu



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  • 2014.06.01 - 2015.02.28, Course for Oral Sciences, Graduate School of Dentistry, Assistant Professor

  • 2015.03.01 - , Osaka University Dental Hospital, Assistant Professor

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Nagasaki University Faculty of Dentistry  Graduated 2004.03

Academic Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Swallowing frequency in elderly people during daily life, Tanaka N, Nohara K, Kotani Y, Matsumura M, Sakai T, J Oral Rehabil,40; 744-750, 2013.07, Papers

  • Development of a swallowing frequency meter using a laryngeal microphone, Tanaka, N., Nohara, K., Okuno, K., Kotani, Y., Okazaki, H., Matsumura, M., Sakai, T., Journal of Oral Rehabilitation,39(6):411-420, 2012, 2012.06, Papers

  • Effects of the bolus volume on hyoid movements in normal individuals., Ueda N, Nohara K, Kotani Y, Tanaka N, Okuno K, Sakai T, Journal of Oral Rehabilitation,40(7):491-499, 2013, 2013.07, Papers

  • A survey on medications received by elderly persons with dysphagia living at home or in a nursing home, Matsumura E, Nohara K, Tanaka N, Fujii N, Sakai T, J Oral Science,in press, 2020.01, Papers

  • Videoendoscopic evaluation of food bolus preparation: A comparison between normal adult dentates and older adult dentates. , Matsuno K, Nohara K, Fukatsu H, Tanaka N, Fujii N, Sasao Y, Sakai T. , Geriatr Gerontol Int. ,17(2) 226-231, 2017.02, Papers

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