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Akutsu Hiroki


Organic Conductors


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  • 2014.05.01 - , Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science, Associate Professor


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  • 2D Molecular Superconductor to Insulator Transition in the β”−(BEDT-TTF)2[(H2O)(NH4)2M(C2O4)3]·18-crown-6 Series (M = Rh, Cr, Ru, Ir), A. L. Morritt, J. R. Lopez, T. J. Blundell, E. Canadell, H. Akutsu, Y. Nakazawa, S. Imajo, and L. Martin, Inorganic Chemistry,58, 10656–10664 (2019), 2019.08,, Papers

  • Electrolyte-Gating-Induced Metal-Like Conduction in Nonstoichiometric Organic Crystalline Semiconductors under Simultaneous Bandwidth Control, H. Ito,* Y. Edagawa, J. Pu, H. Akutsu, M. Suda, H. M. Yamamoto, Y. Kawasugi, R. Haruki, R. Kumai, T. Takenobu, Phys. Status Solidi,13(10) 1900162-1900175, 2019.06,, Papers

  • Above room temperature spin crossover in thioamide-functionalised 2,6-bis(pyrazol-1-yl)pyridine iron(ii) complexes, M. Attwood, H. Akutsu, L. Martin, D. Cruickshank, S. S. Turner, Dalton Transaction,48, 90-98 (2019), 2019.01,!divAbstract, Papers

  • A new Ni(dmit)2-based organic magnetic charge-transfer salt, (m-PO-CONH-N-methylpyridinium)[Ni(dmit)2]·CH3CN, H. Akutsu,* S. Ito, T. Kadoya, J. Yamada, S. Nakatsuji, S. S. Turner and Y. Nakazawa, Inorganica Chimica Acta,482, 654-658 (2018), 2018.10,, Papers

  • Structure and Properties of a BEDT-TTF-Based Organic Conductor with a Ferrocene-Based Magnetic Anion Octamethylferrocenedisulfonate, H. Akutsu,* R. Hashimoto, J. Yamada, S. Nakatsuji, S. S. Turner and Y. Nakazawa, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry,3249-3252 (2018), 2018.05,, Papers

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