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Organic chemistry, Peptide chemistry




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  • 2014.04.01 - 2014.04.15, Institute for Protein Research, Specially Appointed Researcher

  • 2014.04.16 - , Institute for Protein Research, Assistant Professor


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  • Glycopeptide Synthesis Based on a TFA-Labile Protection Strategy and One-Pot Four-Segment Ligation for the Synthesis of O-Glycosylated Histone H2A, Asahina Y, Kawakami T, Hojo H., European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2019.04,, Papers

  • Sialyl Tn Unit with TFA-Labile Protection Realizes Efficient Synthesis of Sialyl Glycoprotein, Naoki Takeda, Toshiki Takei, Yuya Asahina, Hironobu Hojo, Chemistry - A European Journal,24(11) 2593-2597, 2018.02, Papers

  • Preparation of Selenoinsulin as a Long-Lasting Insulin Analogue, K. Arai, T. Takei, M. Okumura, S. Watanabe, Y. Amagai, Y. Asahina, L. Moroder, H. Hojo, K. Inaba, M. Iwaoka, Angewandte Chemie International Edition,56, 20, 5522-5526, 2017.05, Papers

  • Pyrrole-Based Macrocyclic Small-Molecule Inhibitors That Target Oocyte Maturation, P. Gunasekaran, S.-R. Lee, S.-M. Jeong, J.-W. Kwon, T. Takei, Y. Asahina, G. Bang, S. Kim, M. Ahn, E. K. Ryu, H. N. Kim, K.-Y. Nam, S. Y. Shin, H. Hojo, S. Namgoong, N.-H. Kim, J. K. Bang, ChemMedChem,12, 8, 580-589, 2017.04, Papers

  • One-pot native chemical ligation by combination of two orthogonal thioester precursors, Yuya Asahina, Toru Kawakami, Hironobu Hojo, CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS,53(13) 2114-2117, 2017.02, Papers

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