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Takahara Mitsuyoshi

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  • 2014.04.01 - 2015.03.31, Division of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, Specially Appointed Researcher

  • 2015.04.01 - , Graduate School of Medicine, Assistant Professor


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  • Dysregulated plasma glucagon levels in Japanese young adult type 1 diabetes patients, Kawamori D, Katakami N, Takahara M, Miyashita K, Sakamoto F, Yasuda T, Matsuoka TA, Shimomura I, J Diabetes Investig,10(1) 62~6, 2019.04, Papers

  • Identification of Metabolites Associated with Onset of CAD in Diabetic Patients Using CE-MS Analysis: A Pilot Study, Omori K, Katakami N, Yamamoto Y, Ninomiya H, Takahara M, Matsuoka TA, Bamba T, Fukusaki E, Shimomura I, J Atheroscler Thromb,26(3) 233~45, 2019.04, Papers

  • Utility of indigo carmine angiography in patients with critical limb ischemia: Prospective multi-center intervention study (DIESEL-study), Higashimori A, Takahara M, Utsunomiya M, Fukunaga M, Kawasaki D, Mori S, Takimura H, Hirano K, Tsubakimoto Y, Nakama T, Yokoi Y, Catheter Cardiovasc Interv,93(1) 108~12, 2019.04, Papers

  • Comparison of Clinical Outcomes between Endovascular Therapy with Self-Expandable Nitinol Stent and Femoral-Popliteal Bypass for Trans-Atlantic Inter-Society Consensus (TASC) II C and D Femoropopliteal Lesions, Okuno S, Iida O, Iida T, Takahara M, Yamaoka T, Kitano I, Asai M, Masuda M, Okamoto S, Ishihara T, Nanto K, Kanda T, Tsujimura T, Matsuda Y, Mano T, Ann Vasc Surg,57 137~43, 2019.04, Papers

  • Different daily glycemic profiles after switching from once-daily alogliptin plus twice-daily metformin to their once-daily fixed-dose combination in Japanese type 2 diabetic patients, Takahara M, Shiraiwa T, Katakami N, Maeno Y, Yamamoto K, Shiraiwa Y, Yoshida Y, Matsuoka TA, Shimomura I, Endocr J,66(1) 11~7, 2019.04, Papers

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