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Hamaya Kohei

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  • 2014.04.01 - 2019.03.31, Department of Systems Innovation, Graduate School of Engineering Science, Professor

  • 2019.04.01 - , Graduate School of Engineering Science, Professor

Research topics 【 display / non-display

  • Electric and electronic materials-related


Academic Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Direct observation of pseudo-gap electronic band structure in the Heusler-type Fe2VAl thin film, H. Miyazaki, S. Tateishi, M. Matsunami, K. Soda, S. Yamada, K. Hamaya, and Y. Nishino, Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena,232 1-4, 2019.04, Papers

  • Significant reduction in the thermal conductivity of Si-substituted Fe2VAl epilayers, K. Kudo, S. Yamada, J. Chikada, Y. Shimanuki, T. Ishibe, S. Abo, H. Miyazaki, Y. Nishino, Y. Nakamura, and K. Hamaya, Physical Review B,99 054201-1-054201-7, 2019.02, Papers

  • Crystal orientation effect on spin injection/detection efficiency in Si lateral spin-valve devices, M. Ishikawa, M. Tsukahara, S. Honda, Y. Fujita, M. Yamada, Y. Saito, T. Kimura, H. Itoh, and K. Hamaya, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics,52(8), 2018.12, Papers

  • Magnetic and transport properties of equiatomic quaternary Heusler CoFeVSi epitaxial films, S. Yamada, S. Kobayashi, F. Kuroda, K. Kudo, S. Abo, T. Fukushima, T. Oguchi, and K. Hamaya, Physical Review Materials,2 124403, 2018.12, Papers

  • Nonlinear Electrical Spin Conversion in a Biased Ferromagnetic Tunnel Contact, R. Jansen, A. Spiesser, H. Saito, Y. Fujita, S. Yamada, K. Hamaya, and S. Yuasa, Physical Review Applied,10 064050, 2018.12, Papers

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