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Yukawa Taku


International Relations,ASEAN,Multi-Agent Simultion



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  • 2013.10.01 - , Department of Comparative Public Policy, Osaka School of International Public Policy, Associate Professor

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The University of Tokyo Faculty of Liberal Arts  Graduated 2005.03
The University of Tokyo Graduate School, Division of General Culture  Completed 2007.03
The University of Tokyo Graduate School, Division of General Culture  Completed 2011.12

Academic Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Explaining the Undemocratic Consequences of Democratic Revolutions: The Necessity and Rationality of Democratic Slogans, Taku Yukawa and Kaoru Hidaka, OSIPP Discussin Paper,DP-2018-E-007, 2018.05, Papers

  • Why Election Monitoring Does Not Always Lead to Democratization: from the Perspective of Information on the International Standards of Electoral Integrity, Taku Yukawa, Japanese Journal of Political Science,19(2) 293-312, 2018.05, Papers

  • The ASEAN Way as a Symbol: an Analysis of Discourses on the ASEAN Norms, Taku Yukawa, the Pacific Review,31(3), pp.298-314, 2018.04, Papers

  • Book Review: Reinventing Regional Security Institutions in Asia and Africa: Power Shifts, Ideas, and Institutional Change, Taku Yukawa, International Relations of the Asia-Pacific,18(1), pp.128-131, 2018.03, Book Review

  • ASEAN Norms: Argument Yielding to Change, Taku Yukawa, Japan Digital Library (Japan and World Series),154-166, 2017.03, Papers

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