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Plasma fluid mechanics


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  • 2013.08.01 - , Joining and Welding Research Institute, Associate Professor


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  • Turbulence modelling of thermal plasma flows, Masaya Shigeta, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics,49, (2016) 493001 (18 pages)., 2016.11, Papers

  • Thermal plasmas for nanofabrication, Masaya Shigeta, Anthony B. Murphy, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics,44(17) 174025, 2011.04, Review Papers

  • Three-dimensional flow dynamics of an argon RF plasma with dc jet assistance: a numerical study, Masaya Shigeta, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics,46(1) 015401, 2013.01, Papers

  • Effect of precursor fraction on silicide nanopowder growth under thermal plasma conditions: a computational study, Masaya Shigeta, Takayuki Watanabe, Powder Technology,288, (2016) 191-201., 2016.01, Papers

  • Development of a Welding Condition Optimization Program for Narrow Gap SAW, Yohei ABE, Takahiro FUJIMOTO, Mitsuyoshi NAKATANI, Masaya SHIGETA, Manabu TANAKA, Quarterly Journal of the Japan Welding Society,38, 2 (2020) 98s-102s., 2020.05, Papers

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  • Osaka University Award, Masaya SHIGETA, Osaka University, 2017.11

  • Thermal Engineering Best Paper Award, Masaya Shigeta, Manabu Tanaka, The First Pacific Rim Thermal Engineering Conference(PRTEC2016), 2016.08

  • Osaka University Presidential Awards for Encouragement, Masaya SHIGETA, Osaka University, 2015.07