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Watanabe Hiroko


gestational diabetes mellitus, nutrition & weight managements, infants massage

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  • 2013.04.01 - , Division of Health Sciences, Graduate School of Medicine, Professor

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The University of Tokyo Graduate School, Division of Medical Sciences  Completed 2004.03
The University of Tokyo Graduate School, Division of Medical Sciences  Completed 2007.03

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  • Clinical nursing-related

  • Lifelong developmental nursing-related

  • Managements of gestational diabetes mellitus
    Clinical nursing-related

  • Lifelong developmental nursing-related

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  • Japan Society of Metabolism and Clincal Nutrition

  • Japan Society of Maternal Health

  • Japan Academy of Midwifery


Academic Papers 【 display / non-display

  • The impact of mother-child dyad dietary intervention using transtheoretical model on bone mineral density in Japanese female adolescents, Okayama T, Kinouchi K, Watanabe H, Journal of Pediatric Nursing,50 e39-e47, 2020.02, Papers

  • Association between taste perception, nutrient intake, and mental health in young Japanese women, Okayama T, Watanabe H, Nutr Res Pract,13(1) 41-46, 2019.01, Papers

  • Diabetes knowledge and perceptions among nursing students, and curriculum differences in Japan and Australia: A cross-sectional study, Ramjan LM, Watanabe H, Salamonson Y, Nurse Educ Today,53 7-12, 2017.05, Papers

  • Cross-cultural adaptation and psychometric properties of the Korean Scale for Internet Addiction (K-Scale) in Japanese high school students, Mak KK, Nam JK, Kim D, Aum N, Choi JS, Cheng C, Ko HC, Watanabe H , Psychiatry Res,249(3) 343-348, 2017.01, Papers

  • Ketone body elevation in placenta, umbilical cord, newborn and mother in normal delivery, Muneta T, Kawaguchi, Nagai Y, Matsumoto M, Ebe K, Watanabe H, Bando H, Glycative Stress Research,3(3) 133-140, 2016.09, Papers

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Books 【 display / non-display

  • Special, Weight Gain: Women's Attitudes, Health Implications and Psychological Challenges (Pirotte A and Libert T ed), Watanabe H, Sugiyama T,Mak KK, Nova Science Publishers, ISBN, 978-1-62618-800-6, 2013.05

  • Special, Ferritin: Functions, Biosynthesis and Regulation (Lima GS and Cabral MF ed), Watanabe H, Nova Science Publishers, ISBN, 978-1-61942-347-3, 2012.12

  • Special, Neural tube defects-role of folate, prevention strategies and genetics (Narasimhan KL ed), Watanabe H, Takano T, InTech, ISBN, 978-953-51-0317-2, 2012.05

  • Special, From preconception to postpartum (Sifakis S & Vrachnis N ed), Watanabe H, InTech, ISBN, 978-953-51-0353-0, 2012.03

  • Special, Nutritional and Physical Education (Buchanan JS ed), Watanabe H, Nova Science Publishers, ISBN, 978-61209-583-7, 2012.03

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