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Kuroki Kazuhiko

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  • 2013.03.01 - , Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, Professor


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  • Strongly enhanced superconductivity due to finite energy spin fluctuations induced by an incipient band : a FLEX study on the bilayer Hubbard model with vertical and diagonal interlayer hoppings, K. Matsumoto, D. Ogura, and K. Kuroki, Journal of the Physical Society of Japan,89(3), 044709 1--10, 2020.03,, Papers

  • Bulk quantum Hall effect of spin valley coupled Dirac fermions in the polar antiferromagnet BaMnSb$_2$, H. Sakai, M. Ochi, K. Kuroki, et al., Physical Review B,101(8), 081104(R) 1--7, 2020.02,, Papers

  • First-principles study of LaOPbBiS$_3$ and its analogous compounds as thermoelectric materials, K. Kurematsu, M. Ochi, H. Usui, and K. Kuroki, Journal of the Physical Society of Japan,89(1), 024702 1--10, 2020.01,, Papers

  • Possibility of unconventional high $T_c$ superconductivity originating from coexisting wide and incipient narrow bands, K. Kuroki,Materials Research Meeting 2019 (at Yokohama, Japan, Dec. 10--14, 2019, 参加者約2,000名), 2019.12, International Conference(Non Proceeding)

  • Hidden robust presence of a hole Fermi surface in a heavily electron doped iron based superconductor LaFe$_2$As$_2$, H. Usui and K. Kuroki, Physical Review Research,1(3), 033025 1--7, 2019.10,, Papers

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