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  • 2013.02.01 - 2015.12.31, Immunology Frontier Research Center, Specially Appointed Researcher

  • 2016.07.01 - 2017.03.31, Immunology Frontier Research Center, Assistant Professor

  • 2017.04.01 - , Research Institute for Microbial Diseases, Assistant Professor


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  • Functional clustering of B cell receptors using sequence and structural features, Xu Z., Li S., Rozewicki J., Yamashita K., Teraguchi S., Inoue T., Shinnakasu R., Leach S., Kurosaki T., Standley D., Molecular Systems Design and Engineering,4(4) 769-778, 2019.08,, Papers

  • MAFFT-DASH: integrated protein sequence and structural alignment., Rozewicki J, Li S, Amada KM, Standley DM, Katoh K, Nucleic acids research,47(W1) W5-W10, 2019.07, Papers

  • Structural Modeling of Lymphocyte Receptors and Their Antigens., Li S, Wilamowski J, Teraguchi S, van Eerden FJ, Rozewicki J, Davila A, Xu Z, Katoh K, Standley DM, Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.),2048 207-229, 2019.04,, Papers

  • Structural Determinants of the APOBEC3G N-Terminal Domain for HIV-1 RNA Association., Fukuda H, Li S, Sardo L, Smith JL, Yamashita K, Sarca AD, Shirakawa K, Standley DM, Takaori-Kondo A, Izumi T, Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology,9 129, 2019.04, Papers

  • Arid5a stabilizes OX40 mRNA in murine CD4<sup>+</sup> T cells by recognizing a stem-loop structure in its 3'UTR., Hanieh H, Masuda K, Metwally H, Chalise JP, Mohamed M, Nyati KK, Standley DM, Li S, Higa M, Zaman MM, Kishimoto T, European journal of immunology,48(4) 593-604, 2018.04, Papers

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