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IWAI Shigeki

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  • 2012.10.01 - 2020.03.31, Center for Japanese Language and Culture, Associate Professor

  • 2020.04.01 - , Center for Japanese Language and Culture, Professor

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The Graduate University for Advanced Studies Graduate School, Division of International Culture  Completed 2004.10

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  • Historical studies in general-related


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  • A Cultural History of Chikan; The Change of the Meanings and Notations, Shigeki IWAI, NIHON-KENKYU,(49) 147-181, 2014.03, Papers(In Japanese)

  • The Introduction and Modification of the word "Chikan" in China and Japan, Shigeki IWAI, Japanese Language and Culture,(41) 一-三十, 2014.03, Papers(In Japanese)

  • The Development of Teaching Assistants and Teaching Fellows through Education Support Activities: The Role and Leaning of Graduate Students, Mari KOMORI, Shigeki IWAI, Miho TAKAI, Yasuo IWAI, Masahiro GONOJI, Makie TACHIKAWA, Manami FUJIHIRA, Rina MATSUOKA, Akiko MIZUNO, Study of Classroom Practice of the Center for Japanese Language and Culture Osaka University,(18) 1-19, 2020.03, Papers(In Japanese)

  • Consideration on Utamei Tea Utensils:Focusing on the Different Types of Utensils, IWAI Shigeki, Japanese Language and Culture,第47号, 2020.03, Papers(In Japanese)

  • An Inter-University Initiative Exploring Distance Learning about Japanese Culture via Skype, KOMORI Mari, IWAI Shigeki, MITSUI Kumiko, IMANISHI Toshiyuki, WATANABE Shio, TAKENAKA Satomi, NAKAYAMA Akiko, NUNOO Katsuichiro, Innovation and Social Impact on Japanese Language Education and Japanese Studies,1-17, 2017.07, Papers(In Japanese)


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  • The 13th JSAT Conference, 2019.11