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KATO Kazuto


Biomedical Ethics, Governance of medical research


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  • 2012.04.01 - , Division of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, Professor


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  • The International Cancer Genome Consortium’s Evolving Data-Protection Policies, Milius D., Dove E.S., Chalmers D., Dyke S.O.M., Kato K., Nicolás P., Ouellette B.F.F., Ozenberger B., Rodriguez L.L., Zeps N., Joly Y., Nature Biotechnology,32 519-523, 2014.06, Papers

  • ELSI practices in genomic research in East Asia: implications for research collaboration and public participation, Yoshizawa G, Ho C W-L, Zhu W, Hu C, Syukriani Y, Lee I, Kim H, Tsai DFC, Minari,J & Kato K, Genome Medicine,6:39, 2014.05, Papers

  • Ethical considerations of research policy for personal genome analysis: the approach of the Genome Science Project in Japan, Minari J, Shirai T and Kato K, Life Sciences, Society and Policy,10:4, 2014.04, Papers

  • A review of the key issues associated with the commercialization of biobanks, Timothy Caulfield, Sarah Burningham, Yann Joly, Zubin Master, Mahsa Shabani, Pascal Borry, Allan Becker, Michael Burgess, Kathryn Calder, Christine Critchley, Kelly Edwards, Stephanie M. Fullerton, Herbert Gottweis, Robyn Hyde-Lay, Judy Illes, Rosario Isasi, Kazuto Kato, Jane Kaye, Bartha Knoppers, John Lynch, Amy McGuire, Eric Meslin, Dianne Nicol, Kieran O’Doherty, Ubaka Ogbogu, Margaret Otlowski, Daryl Pullman, Nola Ries, Chris Scott, Malcolm Sears, Helen Wallace, & Ma’n H. Zawati, Journal of Law and the Biosciences,94-110, 2014.02, Papers

  • Reflections on the Cost of “Low-Cost” Whole Genome Sequencing: Framing the Health Policy Debate, Timothy Caulfield, Jim Evans, Amy McGuire, Christopher McCabe, Tania Bubela, Robert Cook-Deegan, Jennifer Fishman, Stuart Hogarth, Fiona A. Miller, Vardit Ravitsky, Barbara Biesecker, Pascal Borry, Mildred K. Cho, June C. Carroll, Holly Etchegary, Yann Joly, Kazuto Kato, Sandra Soo-Jin Lee, Karen Rothenberg, Pamela Sankar, Michael J. Szego, Pilar Ossorio, Daryl Pullman, Francois Rousseau, Wendy J. Ungar, Brenda Wilson, PLOS Biology,11(11), 2013.11, Papers