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TERADA Kentaro


Cosmo-chemistry, Planetary Science


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  • 2012.04.01 - , Department of Earth and Space Science, Graduate School of Science, Professor

  • 2017.08.26 - 2019.08.25, Osaka University

  • 2017.08.26 - 2019.09.15, Graduate School of Science

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Osaka University Faculty of Science  Graduated 1989.03
Osaka University Graduate School, Division of Natural Science  Completed 1991.03
Osaka University Graduate School, Division of Science  Completed 1994.06

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  • Space and planetary sciences-related


Academic Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Biogenic oxygen from Earth transported to the Moon by a wind of magnetospheric ions., Terada K. et al., Nature Astronomy, 2017.01, Papers

  • Cryptomare magmatism at 4.35 Ga recorded in Kalahari 009, Terada K., Anand M., Sokol A. K., Bischoff A. and Sano Y. , Nature,450, 849-852, 2007.12, Papers

  • Thermal and impact histories of 25143 Itokawa recorded in Hayabusa particles, K. Terada, Y. Sano, N. Takahata, A. Ishida, A. Tsuchiyama, T. Nakamura, T. Noguchi, Y. Karouji, M. Uesugi, T. Yada, M. Nakabayashi, K. Fukuda & H. Nagahara, Scientific Reports,8:11806, 2018.08, Papers

  • Non-destructive elemental analysis of a carbonaceous chondrite with direct current Muon beam at MuSIC, K. TERADA, A. SATO, K. NINOMIYA, Y. KAWASHIMA, K. SHIMOMURA, G. YOSHIDA, Y. KAWAI, T. OSAWA & S. TACHIBANA, Scientific Reports, 2017.11, Papers

  • A new X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy for extraterrestrial materials using a muon beam, K. Terada, K. Ninomiya, T. Osawa, S. Tachibana, Y. Miyake, M. K. Kubo, N. Kawamura, W. Higemoto, A. Tsuchiyama, M. Ebihara, M. Uesugi, Scientifc Reports,4, 5072, 2014.05, Papers

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